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    Year 12 Religion & Ethics

    Welcome to our learning space. Our course for this year is as follows:

    Term 1 Ethics and Morality

    Term 2 Peace & Conflict (personal & relational)

    Term 3 Peace & Conflict (global)

    Term 4 Life Choices

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    Term 4: Meaning & purpose

    Your time as a Year 12 student is nearly at an end. Thank God you may say. Others, may more pensively, realise that that you've had an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of a caring and loving community, which is privilege not extended to everyone your age. So, this term will be both reflective of what you've learnt during your time here - not in terms of knowledge, but in terms of Christian values; as well as projecting forward into the exciting unknown of the future. How will the values you've learnt at Terrace, the friendships you've shared, the hardships, the challenges, the joys and the triumphs prepare you for the future?

    We will not so much explore the meaning "of" life, which is frankly a little beyond all of us, especially at 17 or 18, but finding meaning "in" life. There's a very important difference. Let's explore it together.

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