• General

    Year 12 Physical Education

    Welcome to the Year 12 Physical Education Moodle page.

    This page, in conjunction to your booklets, will provide you with all the information you need for the year's work.

    The course is broken into term based Practical and Theory units. You will predominantly spend 4 lessons on practical and one lesson on theory per week. Make sure you are organised and have the right gear for the right lesson.

    Required PE gear:

    • Triathlon - Swimming gear (dark coloured skins are great), running shoes, singlet or shirt to wear on run leg, towel
    • Volleyball - Red and blacks, running or court shoes
    • AFL - Red and blacks, football boots or running shoes, water bottle, cap or bucket hat
    • Table tennis - red and blacks, running shoes

    If you have any questions, please contact your teacher.

  • Term 3

    Course Introduction


    Australian Rules Football is often referred to as Australia's 'Home Grown Sport'. That is, it is the only true Australian sport that was conceived in and played wholly within this country.

    As such it holds a strong place in our nations sporting culture and history. However, the level of access and equity each individual experiences with AFL depends on a range of factors related to the person's particular socio-cultural setting.

    We will examine the underlying socio-cultural factors that act upon our access and equity within AFL this term. You will be required to apply relevant sociological theory to your experiences in physical performance lessons to evaluate the influence of your particular socio-cultural setting on your performance.

    Throughout the unit, you will complete a series of performance tasks. Your performance in these, along with your performance in practical lessons, will be rated by your teacher and will contribute towards a mock AFL draft. THIS DRAFT DOES NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT YOUR PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE MARKS. Your positioning in the draft rankings will form the basis of your reflection for your assignment this term.

    Assessment tasks

    You will have two assessment tasks this term:

    1. Practical assessment - AFL skills, tactics and team play
    2. Written research assignment - due September 1. A reminder that you must submit a hard copy in person AND an electronic copy to TurnItIn via the link below.