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    Drama Co-ordinator:  Mr Michael Beh (michaelbeh@terrace.qld.edu.au)

    Welcome to Year 12 Drama.  During the year we will be exploring a variety of classic and  contemporary texts as we explore a variety of dramatic forms and styles. 

    During Term One we will engage with an understanding of different theatre styles (commencing with Expressionism and Symbolism) through workshops, readings and performance analysis. We will be exploring the text of MARAT/SADE for our first performance assessment as well as viewing a production of THE FLICK at Qld Theatre as the subject of our first Responding Task essay.

    We will continue our study in Term 2 exploring Elizabethan Theatre through the lense of Postmodernism, focusing 3 of Shakespeare's tragedies. This will culminate in our Class Production in the WINTERFEST in Term 3. 

    In Terms 3 & 4, we will explore the concept of the Zeitgeist through contemporary Australian and Indigenous Performance strategies.

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      Term 3 & 4 Australian Drama

      THE ZEITGEIST:  Identity & Australian Story

      As the culmination of two years of rigorous dramatic study, you will explore and articulate your own dramatic aesthetic through the personal, cultural and sociological investigation of the dramatic action of  Contemporary Australian Drama with reference to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Theatre Forms and the One Person Show

      In order to chronicle, document, challenge, empower and celebrate identity, you will synthesise and evaluate to articulate an extended response to relevant live theatre production of STRAIGHT WHITE MEN by LA BOITE Theatre Company as well as manifesting the artistic expression of self in an AUTODRAMA by devising an original dramatic treatment of relevant text/s, using improvising and devising processes taught throughout the course of study as a foundation for managing the purpose and context of the dramatic action of this task.

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