Year 8 Digital Technologies Checklist - Term 4

Year 8: Term 4 - This Digital World

During this unit, students will explore the Digital World. This is a mixture of theoretical and practical activities designed to get them thinking digitally.


Assessment for this unit is via a FOLIO of tasks in Onenote and a WRITTEN EXAM.


To be successful in this unit, students will be able to:

  • Understand binary, convert from decimal to and from it
  • Understand applications of binary – collating sequences like ASCII, file size, upload and download speeds and internet terminology
  • Understand and use ciphers (like Caesar Cipher), understand the links to encryption and file security
  • Explain transport protocols, IP Addresses, packet structure and basic network functionality.
  • The relationship between bits, bytes and images


This is a complex unit using a powerful product that takes time to get to know.

To be successful in this unit, students need to:

  • Keep up with class work
  • Push your understanding beyond the bare bones of what we cover in class
  • Seek assistance in a TIMELY manner, WORKING SMART is knowing you need help and doing something about it.
  • Check with your teacher at all stages of development to ensure quality meets criteria and expectations
  • Come to lessons PREPARED to learn, laptop charged

Refer to the course resources

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