Welcome to Study of Religion! Despite increasing secularism in our own backyard, religious beliefs, rituals and ethics still dominate both our culture, together with the world beyond our shoreline. In Study of Religion you will move beyond your comfort zone, out in the world beyond Catholicism to explore other types of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam & Hinduism.


This subject comprises 4 units:

  • Religion & Ritual
  • Sacred Texts & Religious Writings
  • Ethics
  • Religion, Rights & the Nation-State

In this section you will find a broad range of Religious Education resources which can be used across multiple year levels. 

Year 12 Religion and Ethics

Term 1 Ethics and Morality
Term 2 Peace & Conflict - India
Term 3 Peace & Conflict - National & Global
Term 4 Life Choices

Term 1. Good & Evil (Strand - Christian Life)

Term 2. Ritual (Strand - Beliefs)

Term 3. Spirituality (Church)

Term 4. Heroes & Role Models (Beliefs)