Welcome to the Year 11 Music Moodle Page!

This Moodle page will be the launchpad for activities, and information about what we will be doing in class,what is required of you, assessment and handouts.

Remember if you are confused you are encouraged to ask your teacher:

Teacher: Ms Claffey

Email: genevieveclaffey@terrace.qld.edu.au

Office: Music Office

Teacher: Mr Esbensen

Email: bradesbensen@terrace.qld.edu.au

Office: Director of Music Office

Welcome to Creative Arts Music. You will study one semester of Music in either Year 7 or 8. There will be an opportunity to study Music again as an elective in Semester 2 of Year 8.

The classroom teachers for the Creative Arts Music Strands in 2019 will be Ms Claffey and Miss Herron.

Email addresses for these teachers are genevieveclaffey@terrace.qld.edu.au and mherron@terrace.qld.edu.au

The course is divided up into three areas: Musicology involves analysing and making judgments about music elements as they are found in music studied in the course, Composition involves creating music through software programs and Performance will be in the form of playing ukulele and guitar and singing.

This is the Year 5 Music Course for the year.

Welcome to Year 9 Music. The following topics will be studies this year.

1. Music of other Cultures

2. The Musical

3. Music's Classic Hits

4. Pioneers of Rock

This course will cover

1. The origins of Jazz and Blues Music

2. Music's Classic Hits

3. Rock Since 1980

4. Australian Art MusicĀ