The subject area Recreation provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to perform core skills in recreation and outdoor recreation environments and assisting with the conduct of a range of outdoor and physical activities.

Students will be involved in learning experiences that allow them to develop their interpersonal skills, appreciate their own involvement in recreation and outdoor pursuits and to continue their active participation in personal and community activities in their adult life.

Students who successfully complete Recreation will be able to carry out a range of tasks within the sport, outdoor recreation and fitness industries. Other possible career paths that students may choose to follow after leaving school may include work in:

* Sport, health and fitness centres.

* Aquatic centres and pools.

* Community organizations.

* Professional recreation associations.

* Sports clubs.

* Outdoor recreation centres and camps.

* Sports and camping stores.

* Adventure and tour companies.

This study area incorporates the completion of a Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation. Students will develop competencies across a variety of core and elective units related to Outdoor Education. Concurrently students will complete a number of Recreation units in both practical and theoretical contexts.

The course will be conducted predominantly in class time. However, due to the nature of the course, it will be a compulsory requirement for students to participate in some out of school hour’s expeditions/excursions to complete the outdoor pursuit’s component. There will be two expeditions per year. The first 4-day canoeing/kayaking module will be conducted at the Goolang Creek (near Grafton) where students will aim to gain their Basic Skills and White Water Proficiency Certificates for Canoeing/kayaking. The second expedition will incorporate a rock climbing and bushcraft component in the vicinity of the College’s Outdoor Ed Centre at Maroon. The Physical Education staff will run these two modules in conjunction with the Outdoor Education staff. There will be a cost associated with participation in these expeditions (covering things such as food, camping fees, transport, certificates, etc.).