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  • Year 8 Health and Physical Education

    Welcome to the year 8 HPE Moodle page.

    This page, in conjunction to your HPE booklet, will provide you with all the information you need for the years units.

    The year 8 HPE course is broken into term based Theory units and 6 week based practical units. You will predominantly spend 2 lesson on practical and one lesson on theory per week. Make sure you are organised and have the right gear for the right lesson.

    Required HPE gear:

    • swimming - Black togs, towel, goggles
    • all other practical units - house shirt, black shorts, white socks, appropriate shoes, Terrace cap / bucket hat

    If you have any questions, contact your teacher.

    • Term 2 - What is Fitness?


      This term you will be answering the question - What is Fitness? Is a weightlifter fitter that a Marathon runner? How do I know if I'm fit? How can I improve my fitness?

      During this unit many of your theory classes will involve movement, so make sure you listen carefully to your teacher and are organised with your practical and theory HPE gear.