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    Year 12 Physical Education

    Welcome to the Year 12 Physical Education Moodle page.

    This page, in conjunction to your booklets, will provide you with all the information you need for the year's work.

    The course is broken into term based Practical and Theory units. You will predominantly spend 4 lessons on practical and one lesson on theory per week. Make sure you are organised and have the right gear for the right lesson.

    Required PE gear:

    • Triathlon - Swimming gear (dark coloured skins are great), running shoes, singlet or shirt to wear on run leg, towel
    • Volleyball - Red and blacks, running or court shoes
    • AFL - Red and blacks, football boots or running shoes, water bottle, cap or bucket hat
    • Table tennis - red and blacks, running shoes

    If you have any questions, please contact your teacher.

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    Term 1

    Biological Basis of Training and Exercise with Adventure Racing

     Resource bank to aid in the completion of the practical and theoretical components of the adventure race unit.